Our Publication

Multiple distinct pieces that work together to cover the themes that we follow.


Written through the lens of an “economic practitioner”, we focus on analyzing economic theory in practice, with a bit of British sarcasm in the mix.


Tying together cross-asset class developments in financial markets. An exercise comparable to piecing together the  morning after a night out with the lads, except you’ll come away not hating yourself (for once).


We risk our (non-existent) reputation writing deep dives on topics that matter. Aimed at challenging currently held beliefs, because we’re not afraid of changing our mind.


Like the kid you used to underpay to do your calculus homework, we’re nerds at heart. We write notes about the most important things we read and hear.


We steal insights from smarter, more experienced, and potentially better-looking people than us. Because we love to learn from others as much as we love the sound of Derek Trucks’ guitar.